Freestyle Whitewater Kayaking the New River Dries

Josh Collins performs an Air Screw: @contsquashua Corey Lilly @clillyvisuals performs an Aerial Blunt Rains Make Waves Heavy rains along the East Coast of the United States in the first week of August, [...]

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Fayetteville Football Senior Night

Fayetteville Football Senior Night Game was last night at Fayetteville High School. The Pirates hosted the Summers County Bobcats. It will be my last night shooting high school football for 2017. Rain was in the forecast. It was unusually warm. [...]

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Fayetteville Beats Valley

The Valley Greyhounds traveled upstream to play the Fayetteville Pirates. One of my favorite things about photographing football on Friday nights is that I once again get to feel that pre-game excitement. It’s game time. All of my practice time [...]

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My Path to Totality

Path To Totality As a photographer, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to record events. To document them, record them visually, to put them in the archives, to make something that will outlast me, that is a cool [...]

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