Engagement Photography New River Gorge by Chad Foreman

Engagement Photography

New River Gorge Engagement Photography by Chad Foreman. This once-in-a-lifetime event was captured for Kendall and Haley.

Kendall called me on the phone. He and his soon-t0-be fiance were in West Virginia to work on the pipeline. They are from Arkansas. Kendall was preparing to propose to Haley and he wanted to capture the event with pictures.

We worked together for about 2 weeks to plan the occasion. The biggest hurdle we had to deal with was the weather. That day it was raining all morning long. Both he and Haley had the day off from work. We really had to try. Right around 2pm, the weather broke. It was on! It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and evening for a photo shoot.

engagement photography shoot new river gorge 1

The proposal 

Here we have the actual proposal. Kendall and Haley walked by me and I pretended to be a tourist taking photos of the New River Gorge. Haley had no idea. It’s a good thing I was ready. Kendall wasted no time with the proposal. He got down on one knee immediately and BOOM!

engagement photography shoot new river gorge 2

Here Kendall is putting the ring on her finger.

engagement photography shoot new river gorge 3

A few minutes to themselves.

The two of them spent a few minutes enjoying the moment. I continued to click away.

engagement photography shoot new river gorge 4

A posed engagement photography portrait

We took advantage of the nice light to do some posed portraits.

Sunset engagement portrait

Sunset engagement portrait

As the sun began to set, we had some beautiful clouds and colors for some dramatic portraits with the New River Gorge Bridge in the background.

Twilight Environmental Portrait

Twilight Environmental Portrait

Some beautiful-colored clouds at sunset completed the day nicely.