landscape photography san juan mountains from Arches National Park

San Juan Mountains

Looking East at the San Juan Mountains from Arches National Park, outside of Moab, Utah.

As the sun was setting, the golden light cast a beautiful glow on the snow caps of the San Juans and illuminated a few colorful, yet darker clouds. I was there with my sister, Cheri and brother-in-law, John. They go to Moab pretty often. I was happy to return there after 20 years. More on that in this post: Arches at Sunrise

North Window is the arch in the right, middle ground. If you look very closely, there is a little speck of white who is a bride with her groom having wedding pictures taken.

Shooting a Landscape Photo with a Telephoto Lens

Have you ever shot a landscape photo with a telephoto lens? One day I was watching photography tutorials on YouTube, like I do often, and I saw a video about it. The video host talked about picking out details in the landscape to accentuate. That sounded like a great idea. Soon enough I was shooting every landscape photo with my telephoto lens. Yet, I wasn’t really happy with the results. Of course I realized that not every landscape photo calls for a telephoto lens.

This past November I went on a trip to Arches National Park, outside Moab Utah with my sister, Cheri, her husband, John and their two daughters. This was the moment I was waiting for to use my telephoto lens for a landscape photo.

The San Juan Mountains were pretty far away and made a beautiful backdrop with the setting sun casting golden light on the snowcapped peaks and a purple, alpenglow to the trees on the mountain.

This picture was made with a 70-200mm Canon f2.8 lens and a 1.4x extender tube, bringing the total focal length to 280mm. Shutter speed was 1/8 second, aperture f/11 and ISO 200.


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