Seneca Rocks West Virginia


Fog lifts at the base of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia just before sunrise.

Seneca Rocks changed my life. Seneca Rocks was the first place I ever traveled to within the state lines of West Virginia.

At the time I was a college student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and sort of lost in […]

Long Point Twilight in the New River Gorge


This is it.

The very first picture that officially set me down the path of photography as a full-time profession.

At the time I was a laid-off graphic designer trying to figure out how to build up a portfolio. Trouble is, most of my experience was in the whitewater and outdoor industry in the New River Gorge […]

New River Gorge Diamond Fog


At Diamond Point in the New River Gorge National Park the fog rolls downstream just like the river. Sometimes it even goes against the wind. That may be hard to believe but I’ve witnessed it.

The fog mimics the river’s movement. Here the fog actually rolls up on the rocks of the endless wall. And then […]


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